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It’s not just about the numbers. We know it’s your life.   LET'S TALK!

Our team of knowledgeable, friendly, highly trained, and service oriented staff have the experience and ability to complete your work professionally, completely, and correctly in a timely manner.


Arthur B Rubin, BSc, MBA, CPA – CA, has worked previously in industry and brings a creativity to public practice. The knowledge that Mr. Rubin has obtained over his 35 years of serving the Calgary market has enabled our firm, Rubin & Company, to bring unique tax planning solutions directly to our clients.

Rubin & Company is a full service firm. We have the knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure necessary to help you with all of your business and personal needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients find better solutions to build their business and grow their wealth.




Should I incorporate or stay a sole proprietorship?

Do I need an accounting system?

Are my internal controls adequate?

Is my corporate structure efficient?

Do my long term and short term tax plans need tweaking?

Do you need someone to help you talk to a bank or a private financier?

Rubin & Company has been in business 35 years. We have the experience and knowledge to answer these common questions, and any other question you may have. Give us a call.



GST preparation


Information slip preparation

Financial statement preparation

Could you and your business use help with these services? Give us a call.


We offer a wide range of tax solutions to help your business, trust and estate:

In depth tax planning, incorporating both your business and family goals.

Tax planning that will get you to a comfortable retirement.

Succession planning

And of course we offer corporate tax preparation

Could your business use some help with any of this? Give us a call.

Personal Taxation:

Tax time can be stressful. Are you doing it right? Are you missing a schedule? Are you aware of all the deductions and credits you can claim? Are you nervous about what you need to report? Book an appointment today, and we will go over your tax return in English, not accounting jargon.

Rubin & Company have been helping my business to grow for the past 10 years, and helped me grow personally as well, thank you for everything you have done so far...

Jonathan Smith, Lawyer

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